Provocative and extreme, thanks to its magnificent and varied geography, Patagonia Argentina offers different options that will catch the attention of the inexperienced and challenge those who make adventure a way of life. Expert guides in all different areas and all the necessary equipment to enjoy every experience is an invitation that cannot be refused to experience Patagonia without limits. Patagonia Argentina is a land of extremes, where man has always measured his physical prowess and his emotions amidst untamed landscapes, surrounded by unsurpassed beauty. A full calendar of tetrathlons,marathons, the world longest boating regatta- from the city of Neuquén to Viedma – volcanoes challenges and high performance competitions take place throughout the region and each year attract the most daring athletes worldwide to accept the challenge.

Paragliding and Gliding

In the province of Rio Negro, Catedral and Otto mounts, the Anfiteatro and the areas near Puelo lake and Piltriquitrón in El Bolson offer ideal climatic conditions for adventurous paragliding over the summer. In the province of La Pampa, this activity can be performed in Lihue Calel National Park. Villa Traful, San Martin de los Andes, and ChosMalal and Aluminé in Neuquén encourage adventurers to jump in the air and enjoy the glider soaring in the Aero Club of the Andes. Also salt pans and the Pampas mountains are a perfect setting for this practice. Visitors can take tandem flights accompanied by expert instructors.

Climbing and ascent to high peaks

Tronador, Catedral and Lopez mounts in the province of Rio Negro; Cerro Alvear and Monte Olivia, in Tierra del Fuego, are tempting alternatives to enjoy untamed mountains. The heights of Neuquén mount also provide a major challenge. The stunning Lanín Volcano, Domuyo mount – the highest peak in Patagonia (4,709 m) – and Corona mount and Tromen attract climbers and adventure lovers. In Santa Cruz, the majestic Fitz Roy mount, one of the most challenging peaks in the world, and Torre mount seduce those seeking great challenges.

Ice climbing

Armed with crampons, ice axes or tractels, the traveler can overcome waterfalls or streams that freeze in winter and imposing glaciers as well. In Santa Cruz, Perito Moreno, Viedma and Torre glaciers will challenge the visitor to climb their icy walls. For the more seasoned adventurers, the Argentine Mount Tronadorin the province of Rio Negro is also an option from December to March. In Tierra del Fuego, the wide variety of grades and levels of ice consistency seduces advanced climbers.

Rappelling and Climbing

The hills in Lihué Calel National Park in La Pampa, Catedral mount, Otto and López outside San Carlos de Bariloche and the Sierras Grandes in the province of Rio Negro; the bardas of the City of Neuquén and the mighty walls of San Martin de los Andes, Junín de los Andes, Villa Pehuenia and Villa El Chocón in Neuquén invite abseiling and rock climbing lovers to discover the most stunning environments in Patagonia Argentina.

Rafting, kayaking and canoeing

In Neuquén, rafting stimulates the adrenaline of visitors in Aluminé, RucaChoroy and Huam Hum rivers with their different degrees of difficulty surrounded by stones, mountains and the incredible rainforest. Strong emotions and easy rides are combined along the Limay River, the Manso River and the Azul River in the province of Rio Negro. For kayaking , nothing like the mythical Beagle Channel and Roca lake near the end of the world in Ushuaia, the mighty Negro River and the beauty of Lake Nahuel Huapi in the province of Rio Negro. The Limay River, Chimehuín River, the splendid Lacar lake in Neuquén and Lapataia bay in Tierra del Fuego also offer the canoeing experience among magical landscapes. Throughout its course, the Negro River offers boating and other water activities in a natural environment full of beauty that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing

Winds, lakes and the Patagonian sea are a great combination for the most diverse water sports. On the Atlantic coast in Puerto Madryn, Union Beach in the province of Chubut, in the extensive beaches of Las Grutas, El Condor and Doradas in the province of Río Negro, vacationers enjoy windsurfing and surfing in the waters of Patagonia. Crystal lakes such as Lacar and Nahuel Huapi also call for windsurfing and kitesurfing.


Patagonian geography is an irresistible invitation for trekking lovers. The most and least demanding trekking circuits represent an adventurous challenge among mountain ranges and lakes shores: climbing hills and mountains higher and higher, walking on glaciers, stepping into the heart of the National Parks and Reserves, reaching far away mountain shelters, discovering forests of unique beauty, valleys and hidden lagoons. Testing emotions and physical power amid extreme whiteness in winter or intense colors in spring and summer represents the pleasure of walking into deep Patagonia and reach new and challenging goals.

Routes, roads and trails

The most varied scenarios and Patagonian landscapes offer endless alternatives to all who enjoy mountain bike, horseback riding and 4×4 safaris. The adrenaline is present, at every step, in fascinating circuits between the Andes and the Atlantic Ocean. Travelling across the plains and Pampas bardas from side to side, going deep into trails through myrtle and beech forests, reaching remote beaches, salt marshes and dunes, crossing bridges and rivers is a way to discover the most amazing places on horseback, by bicycles especially equipped for Patagonian surfaces, or by modern 4 x 4 safaris vehicles.

Kitebuggy and landyatching

Las Salinas, as well as La Colorada Grande offer an unbeatable scenery for kitebuggy in La Pampa. Land yatching is also starring in the adventure in Rada Tilly, province of Chubut and the extensive beaches of El Condor and Doradas in the province of Rio Negro.