The energy of the volcano in Neuquén High temperature water emerges from the soil in Copahue at the foot of Copahue volcano in the province of Neuquén. In the midst of an amazing place full of ancient araucarias, the internationally recognized quality of its waters and mud have a special power to energy the body and relax the mind. The Copahue-Caviahue thermal center offers various treatments of massage therapy, mud therapy and hydrotherapy; in addition to specialized kinesiology and gyms that provide health, relaxation and beauty to its visitors. To the north, Domuyo hot springs offer their powerful healing waters, and in the south, close to Junin de los Andes, we can find the Epulafquen thermal waters. The ideal time to enjoy the hot springs in Neuquén runs from November to May.

Recreation and relaxation in La Pampa

The province of La Pampa offers two thermal spas with a wide variety of therapeutic treatments. In the Southeast and at only 11 km from Guatraché, nestled between valleys and forests, lies the Guatraché Thermal Park. The qualities and properties of its mud and hypothermic water at 32 C° are perfect for hydrotherapy, mud therapy and massage therapy. This center uses a particular species of algae, the Dunaliella Salina for beauty treatments with excellent results. The Larroudé Bernardo baths offer pools with hot springs waters. Individual boxes for baths or spas, massage  and cosmetic cabinets, sauna, gym, jacuzzi; mud therapy , algae treatment (filoterapia), massage for facial and body aesthetics, dermatology (psoriasis , acne) for rheumatic diseases (arthritis , muscle spasms, back pain, citalgias ) and for vascular disease (varicose veins, peripheral circulatory disorders, heart). Therapies to relax, in addition to various sports and recreational activities characterize this natural environment of 24 hectare wooded land.