Planning the trip

 By Air

From Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, there are daily flights to all destinations of Patagonia with high frequency. Currently air carriers that fly to southern Argentina are: AerolíneasArgentinas (, LADE (, Andes Líneas Aéreas (, Flybondi (, Jet Smart (

By car

the best route to Patagonia will depend on the starting place. There are two long routes that cross the region from north to south. These are the National Route Nº 3 and the National Rout Nº 40. In the circuits section we suggest other roads using these two routes as base. Here the traveler can use the map to see the fastest and safest way to arrive at destiny. One should bear in mind that when visiting the area in winter, roads are often snowed so it is important to take the necessary precautions (see “TravelerInformation”) to check the status of the routes please visit: (ver “Rutas y caminos”).

By bus

There are multiple options to get to Patagonia in long distance buses. Lots of companies offer services to the various destinations in the region from all cities. Also it is important to take into account the services offered in Patagonian towns, which allows the traveler to get to multiple destinations in one trip.

By sea

An alternative option for a different perspective of Patagonia are cruise ships. There is a wide range of options to travel by a ship leaving from Buenos Aires or from Chile, visiting various ports in the region to access touristic attractions. In summer, even Antarctica is possible.