Snow, hot springs and gastronomy in Caviahue, Neuquén

Caviahue is located in the heart of the Andes in the province of Neuquén. It is a small place within the Copahue Protected Natural Area to the northeast of the province and to the south of the Copahue Volcano which is active at present. Caviahue, also called “Snow town” is part of the Pehuén Route and invites to live different winter and thermal activities and taste the delicious local gastronomy; it is characterized by its streams, waterfalls and prehistoric araucaria forests that extend into the prairie and the base of the hills.

To learn about the big treasures of this place, we propose an itinerary between 4 and 5 days to visit sites unmatched in nature, having the city of Neuquén as its gateway where there are daily flights coming from different points of Argentina. From there you need a 360 km transfer along Route 22, which is completely paved, to start enjoying this adventure.


One of the recommended activities for this treasure to discover in the snow of the northern east of Neuquén is to walk with Snow Rackets to the Agrio Waterfalls, an experience which allows to travel along one of the circuits with millennial pehuenes  and the frozen waterfalls of Caviahue. A few kilometers away from there, there is the “Cerro Caviahue” Ski Resort, an ideal snow activities and sports center for a family vacation offering different options for the ski and snowboard practice, excursions on snowmobiles to panoramic points, waterfalls, lakes and peaks.

To enjoy the open air during winter season, we suggest journeys on snow mobiles, which are the means of transport most widely used in the area because they enable people to reach and watch sights of difficult access such as the snowy forests of pehuenes. Another very original way to take these journeys is using caterpillar vehicles because their special wheels enable visitors to drive on the snow without any mishap.


Beauty treatments, massages and beauty masks are special alternatives for relaxation at the “Centro de Alto Rendimiento de Altura y Rehabilitación Termal” – (CEARART) (High Performance Center of Height and Thermal Rehabilitation) located in the center of the town.


Just 17km away from Caviahue there is the small town of Copahue, characterized for hosting one of the most valuable thermal paradises in the world coming from the Copahue Volcano, its waters and its mineral rich sludge are well-known for their quality and therapeutic properties. Undoubtedly it is a treasure to be discovered, with fumaroles and kettles ideal to take a break and relax.

The Thermal Complex of Copahue offers internal and external thermal baths, open air lagoons, fumaroles and hot springs, mud therapy cabins, sinks for immersion baths, stem cabins and facial and body aesthetics. Among the main benefits, the Copahue waters and sludge reactivate metabolism, stimulate defenses and act as pain relievers and natural relaxants. The complex is open to the public in its whole from December to April. In winter the place is completely covered with snow and only a small sector is open for therapeutic and relaxing baths. 

One of the ways to discover a destination is through gastronomy, that is why, it is recommended to taste local dishes such as lamb, young goat, trout and chopped smoked ingredients; accompanied by the exquisite wines and craft beers of the area. For those who love sweets, the “Chocolatería” and the “Dulce Aldea” Tea House stand out for the quality of their chocolates and artisan cakes.