Touristic trains

The eclectic Patagonia, with its austere steppes combined with lush forests and mountains, is also a place full of stories and characters of its native people. Touristic trains invite visitors to recreate past times on board – some of them still have their steam locomotive-, and to discover Patagonia through its ancient people’s history, approaching to the secrets of the southernmost region in the world. Taking a train is the best way to explore all landscapes from Andes to the sea, discovering hidden villages and experiencing Patagonia. Different scenarios will surprise the visitor, who will find original cars with its intact aesthetic from the past, among other surprises. At their locomotives’ pace, Patagonian trains allow tourists to enjoy an unforgettable ride that will be held forever within their heart.

Patagonian railway trip “La Trochita”

The Old Patagonian Express “La Trochita”  is a perfect museum piece from the 1920s that links the steppe with the Andean Mountain Range. With its original steam locomotive, its cars with wooden benches near a salamander stove, this train invites tourists to visit different routes departing from El Maitén or from Esquel, and crossing the province of Chubut with its 400 km. Different stops allow travelers to learn about the traditions of this Patagonian area. Major railway workshops and a museum attract unready visitors at El Maitén station. The immensity of the steppe, regional music and crafts will welcome the travelers at Nahuel Pan station.  At the province of Río Negro, there is a monthly trip program which is organized in the city of Ingeniero Jacobacci.

Patagonian train

In the province of Río Negro, in order to cross Patagonia from the Atlantic coast to the Andes, the Patagonian Train makes the journey Viedma-Bariloche, a round trip passing by the arid steppes that limit the picturesque towns. A real journey that disclose weather wonderful actions and Patagonian geography. Surrounded by the Andean peaks that cut the horizon, the train enters the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, one of the most popular touristic places in the region, where the journey comes to the end.

Historic steam train

Departing from the railway station in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, with a spectacular view of Nahuel Huapi lake, the historic steam train starts the first stage of its journey. Its first stop is at Ñirihuau station with the imposing view of Catedral and Tronador peaks. The convoy comprises a steam locomotive of Scottish origin, which dates from 1912 and still includes the original brand “North Britgie” Nº 121. Recreating old times, the shout “Passengers on board” announces that the train is departing again to Los Juncos Station (Perito Moreno), where tourists can visit the ancient railway buildings and walk to Los Juncos lagoon. A wonderful trip to feel the history of Patagonia Argentina’s pioneers.

Train of the End of the World

With fancy cars and large windows, the train of the End of the World crosses Tierra del Fuego National Park, passing through magnificent forests of ñires, lengas and coihues. It departs at only 8 km from the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia; and, between curves, it climbs a steeper slope alongside Pipo River until reaching Macarena, the first journey stop at the limits of southern Patagonia. Passengers can descend to enjoy the landscape offered by the waterfall of the same name. During the second stop, tourists can observe a part of Tierra del Fuego’s history and its famous prison, located among the remains of an old sawmill. A detour on the way to the river bank allow travelers to observe the recreation of a Yamana camp. Bordering a large peat area, the train ends its journey amidst the lush nature surrounding the “Estación Terminal Parque Nacional”.