The vastness of the Patagonian region marks the range of climates and temperatures that can be found in different parts of the country, with an attractive geographic diversity represented in a wide variety of landscapes and natural wealth. In La Pampa – first entrance to Patagonia – the climate is Mediterranean, so the temperature range is wider (winter – summer period) characterized by temperatures ranging from 5 C° to a high of 35 Cº. On the mountainous area summers are light and winters are cold with snowfall. The annual average temperature is around 8 Cº / 10 Cº, and temperatures get lower as we descend on the map to the south of the country. At the southern end, during the summer, moments of sun, rain and even snow can alternate during one day. On the coast, temperatures are less stringent, which allow for nice beach days during the summer, but usually they are always cool at night. One factor to keep in mind that characterizes the Patagonian region is the presence of wind, which usually occurs with greater frequency and intensity during the summer months. Regarding daylight, it is important to know that as we get near the southern end of the country days shorten considerably in winter and lengthen in summer when the sun light lasts for over 17 hours during the day. On the contrary, in winter sunlight shines late in the morning and around 17.30 dusk begins.
Proper attire to travel to Patagonia depends on season of year and on the area itself. Here we offer some general recommendations to consider when selecting clothing for the trip: Given the wide range of temperatures that often occur in a one day, garment layers also called “onion -style” are recommended, to put on or take off clothes according to weather conditions. If the goal is the mountain area, it is important to wear comfortable and appropriate footwear to walk on rough terrain. A windbreaker and waterproof jacket will be useful, but not an umbrella as wind will not make it effective. In winter, low temperatures require appropriate equipment for the cold and snow, especially in the mountain region. Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent are complements that will be useful when outdoor.

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